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Eco-agricultural tourism

On this web site you find many kinds of eco farms in Denmark who offer accommodations.

They are all certified as organic farms or are in the so-called transfer period. That means that no pesticides are used as well as natural fertilizer from farm production is used for nutrition.

They all provide you never forgetting experiences for holidays and short excursions. Some of the farms are with many animals and highly modern production and others are only growing plants. Common to them all is that they like to offer you a quiet place for exploring nature, playing with the animals and nature elements as well as you a lot of places can participate in feeding the animals and cleaning in the gardens and fields.

On an eco farm you can choose to watch things or be active yourself by participating and involving yourself. Especially children like the free life close to animals and the daily activities of feeding and cleaning at an eco farm.

Living on an ecological farm you come closer to nature. You experience on your own body how food is produced, have daily life is and what you eventually can do back at home to support eco living and production. Going for an eco farm in summer time is often described as coming “back to basic” meaning that you can live in what often is called “primitive luxury”. Here you find yourself, reflect over values and life styles in modern society and get the opportunity to meet and stay together with people who have decided to live as organic farmers meaning that they want to produce in balance and respect of nature.
For families it is a unique opportunity to be together, play and feel the community of people.

The farms are very different. Some are small and some have lots of cows and other farm animals. Others are more eco farms for the owner’s free time where he can experience natural processes and relax.

All the farmers welcome you and are willing to more precisely to describe your possibilities if you contact them.